How to milk the market

I’m ripping out the old blog.

I saw an amazing campaign recently and couldn’t resist.

Lidl, a European supermarket (think Aldi but even cheaper) has noticed a Facebook status by some totally random citizen who thought they were selling German milk.

Bosses's milk status

Now, most other companies would respond with a message in a trying-to-be-casual-in-a-forced-kind-of-corporate-way along the lines of “Hi Bosse. Just letting you know we’re pleased to have milk which has been 100% sourced within Sweden. Why not come give it a try, we’re sure you’ll be impressed!”

But Lidl took it to the next level instead. Wait no… it completely changed the playing field.

Instead, they re-named their product after him. Yep, you read that right. Then they took random citizen ‘Bosse’ and put his face all over their milk cartons to let him know. They ran TV and full-page print ads and flew planes in the sky to get him the message.

t4ouaejgrl seathdf

This awesome campaign considerably grew milk sales for the company which is really interesting. Let’s consider why this might be the case.

Quickly take yourself to your milk isle in the supermarket. What do you see? Think about milk advertising you see on TV – what imagery is shown the most?
fdt ergd

That’s it. Farms and farmers.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this. The theory is that people will pay a premium or choose one milk over another if they know their money will support local farmers. It’s a nice sentiment… but I don’t think they’re on the money here.

See in a premium category – like say wine – you want to know who grew it, where, and when, to help determine which product is worth the decent amount you’re spending.

But when you’re buying a general household item for a few dollars, what are you thinking about? My theory is, you think less about where it’s been and more about where it’s going. How much will it cost you at the checkout and how will it benefit you at home? It’s an awfully depressing thought that people don’t give a rats about supporting local but that seems to be the case. Look at the sales of private label milk bursting through the roof!

That’s why campaigns such as Lidl’s which focus on the consumer have such great results. You can also look at a2 milk which has had incredible growth (even for a product with questionable claims.) All their marketing and campaigns are aimed at the consumer, showing consumers like themselves.

dfg fh

Considering this, please join me for a quick experiment and comment below what kind of milk you buy and WHY. Is supporting farmers on your agenda or is $2 a litre too hard to resist?


4 thoughts on “How to milk the market

  1. It breaks my heart as a farm boy to say a dollar per litre is too easy. When I have more disposable income I intend to support farmers more. Or hopefully just be able to make a ‘cheeky’ deal with a farmer to buy fresh….even if it has been outlawed…

  2. As a rule we buy the Coles it Safeway cheapo milk and generally 6L each time, as we have three growing toddlers at home who go through milk as fast as we can buy it! Therefore cheapest is best! I have a few friends who make milk for Gippy Milk and another of the local companies so once in a while I’ll grab a couple of Ls of that to make myself feel like a good person as I know how hard they’re doing it.

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