Barbie Doll in a Blazer: My identity crisis… and my hair.

What you’re about to see, is evidence of a self diagnosed identify crisis. How I dealt with becoming an adult professional after years of being a young, fun loving, party attending uni student:

5 different hairstyles in less than 2 months.

My hair hates me.

My hairdresser loves me.

It all started not so long ago, when I was still still at uni….  I was one of those people who cruised though uni. I would do assignments the night before and get good grades, I went out pretty often, stayed up late, attended as many uni parties as I could. It was pretty awesome. (Side note Hannah everyone, if you’re at uni, don’t take it for granted – go out lots and attend as many parties as you can!!)


1525416_10201206333066377_1740882994_n 1502571_10152111429636079_15709151_n 544471_10151138392564766_1911794432_n 319070_10151266748031079_602539184_n 309986_10151194786476447_425788874_n 02

Anyway, stright after uni and having just turned 21, I got myself a job, the kind of job that requires lot of hard work, long days, and communication with executives, and very senior people within the business.

So, within a very short amount of time, I’d gone from PARRRRTAAAAY to, like, an old serious adult. I really wanted to be respected in my new job. So I decided to take out my extensions.

299913_10151354876761079_814606770_n 946570_10151660709171079_106373765_n 1621897_10152194987496069_317325776_n 1623734_10152250925856079_326699034_n (1) 10003433_10202630191853738_887073536_n


It was better, but not great. I still didn’t like being blonde, here I am as a 21 year old girl trying to be respected by a building of professionals, I felt like such a bimbo! And I was graduating the next week, I definitely didn’t want to look like a barbie for that, so, I went brown.


1558572_10202667503386503_7767917596366851294_n 10168022_10152365625821079_784381087_n


URGH too serious! Too serious! I can’t go out and have pretty hair! Everyone at this pub can tell I’m a fake and a really belong at home getting an early night because I need to keep a steady routine so that I don’t burn out because I’m working 12 hour days. Oh God every one in there thinks I’m like 30. I LOOK THIRTY.

Seriously, you’re interrupting my thoughts to ask if i want a Jägerbomb? Don’t be ridiculous, order me a chardonnay.

Damn. That just happened. I need my extensions back.


10154050_10152348607941069_1524961530959685464_n 10369204_10153163431741988_6649153024552728872_nphoto (10) IMG_1287

hmmm…  Now I’m too party girl. I’ll never be respected.




So I’ve ended up here. Full blown professional. My hairdresser (who thanks to my personal crisis has recently purchased a  jet) says my hair is falling out, so I’ve decided so stay with this as long as I can.

But in all seriousness, it’s really hard trying to figure out who I am right now. It’s so hard to be so professional and act on par with senior people in the business, then come the weekend snap into being 21 again and head off to get smashed at the sporty[1].

I think I’ve finally realised (possibly too late) that the answer does not lie in my hair. Not that I know where it does lie, but there’s every chance changing my hair color and length every week won’t make me realise who I am and restore balance to my life.

For now, I’ll just keep pushing through and trying to be both. At some point, it’ll figure it’self out I’m sure, until then all I can do is figure out what makes me the most happy, and do as much of that as I can!


1. Sporty BRITISH noun 

  1. 1.
    an establishment for the sale overly expensive of beer and other drinks. It includes underage girls with barely any clothes dancing up an sleezy boys; revolting toilets; and a $10 cover charge and hour long line for the privilege of entering. Found in the regional town of Warragul.
    “I feel like having my feet stuck to the floor, let’s go to the sporty”





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