Look at this picture: What do you see?


I’ll tell you what I see:

– bung eye
– Balzer not sitting properly
– bags under eyes
– fat cheeks
– flat hair

As soon as I uploaded it to Facebook today, I regretted it. I sat there spotting imperfection after imperfection and nearly took it down.

But then it got a like, and then another like, and then almost one hundred more. This was supported by so many lovely comments saying it’s a nice photo.

On the same day my boss chose her photo to use as her profile shot. It is a really gorgeous¬†photo of her. But then she decided she didn’t like it: Eyes not open enough, bags under eyes and (one single) line on forehead.

SO it dawned on me. Women need to stop being so bloody critical of themselves. All these bloody imperfections we think we have literally go unnoticed by everyone else we encounter.

No matter how many times people compliment us we don’t believe.

No matter how many great qualities we may have, we still choose to see the bad.

Today I decided: It’s time we notice the good.



One thought on “Look at this picture: What do you see?

  1. Love this shot you look gorgeous !

    It’s true, we are all so critical of our so called “imperfections” but we miss what everybody around us see .. US as a whole. A beautiful spirit and a good person !

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