Have you checked your Facebook privacy lately? It might surprise you.

How long has it been since you’ve changed the privacy settings on your Facebook? These settings do change and it’s important to keep on top of them. No matter where you are considering applying for jobs in the future – from retail, to hospitality, to corporate – chances are someone will be stalking your Facebook to see if you’re right for the job.

These are two changes I have noted when updating my own privacy settings recently.

1) You used to be able to make yourself ‘unsearchable.’  This is no longer possible, anyone can look you up by name.

2) Everyone – friends or not – can see your profile pics and cover pics unless you have individually changed the settings on each photo, you cannot hide these whole albums from the public.

Employers understand Facebook is a personal network and will give leeway, but I strongly recommend making sure any photos that toe the line are hidden away from public eye. Even if you weren’t intending to have cleavage in that photo… it’s not a good look!

A new great feature is that you can see what your Facebook will look like to the public. No more signing out and googling yourself to find your page!

Just go to privacy > who can see my stuff > What do other people see on my timeline?


Too easy! I highly recommend having a look and ensuring you’re happy for anyone –  from your grandma to your future employer – to see everything that shows up. Then make sure you:

1) Actually read the pop ups Facebook sends you explaining changes

2) Regularly check your privacy settings to make sure your personal settings are suited to your needs.

Not concerned about your privacy settings? This video may change your mind…..




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