Is it really that bad to favor work over travel?

I had my final university exam  three days ago. In the days that have followed, I have found myself having eerily similar conversions with many people about my next steps… it usually goes something like this:

Them: You’re all finished? That’s great! What now? Me: I’m doing some part time communications work at the moment and I’m really excited to start looking for a full time position Them: Oh… so you’re not going to travel? Me: Nah, I really want to kick start my career so I’m in a better position to travel later * Here they look at me like I have 5 heads** Them: Well I just can’t wait to finish my degree and pack up and go! ** Followed by a condescending look as though they have life so much better figured out than me**

I have had this conversation at least 5 times in the past week! I’m just itching to get out and travel the world but I really want to make sure I’ve set myself up for the future first. And I’m also excited to start the career that I’ve spent 3 years preparing myself for. I wouldn’t spend ages making myself an amazing sandwich then leave it on the bench to come back to later! I want to eat my sandwich now!

(Apologies, not the best analogy I’ve ever come up with… I don’t know where it came from, I hardly even eat sandwiches)

Of course, I’ll keep working towards a career where I can do both. I guess that would be having my cake and eating it too 😉


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