Good work Woolies!

I had a really nice experience at Woolworths this morning, and my mother always taught me that if you have something nice to say you should say it, which I think is great advice – and thus this post.

It was the Waverly Gardens Woolworths in Mulgrave at about 12.30 on the 28/08/2013.

I only had a few items and made my way to the self serve registers. I got a little lost finding the line but popped in there. Now because there’s two sides, that awkward ‘is this one or two lines’ thing was starting to happen.

A split second after I settled to wait, a couple pulled up next to me and inched their trolley forward, as they obviously thought they got there first and wanted me to know it.

I wasn’t in the mood to argue so I was going to just let them go, but then one became free and the lady manning the registers deliberately stood blocking the couple and gestured for me to go “you were next waiting” she said.

“ACTUALLY SHE WASN’T” rudely said the woman in the couple.

The Woolworths employee then faced the lady and explained the situation clearly and calmly, to which she accepted and did not fight back.

As a customer, it was a potentially awkward situation that was avoided by this staff member’s observation and assertiveness. She handled it very well, and even such a small thing made my Woolthworths experience much more pleasant today.

It would have been very easy for the woman to pretend she didn’t see and let us figure it out to avoid conflict, but she didn’t and I was impressed – I wish I caught her name badge.

So good work Woolies  Image


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