My Online Personal Brand

I am studying public relations. According to Scott (2010) “the tools of the marketing and PR trade have changed” and that to be successful in this area, a solid knowledge and skill base in social media is crucial.

I wanted to show employers I am capable in this area and give them information about myself, skills, and attributes. I have therefore spent the last year developing an ‘online personal brand’  

The type of image I choose to portray.
What Hills (2009) would call a ‘glamour shot.’ I believe it makes me look friendly, but professional.

This is my PR blog. I write about communications issues that I am passionate about.

Here I use a professional, but conversational tone. p>

I keep another blog, The Biggest Loser: House Mates Edition  (please follow link)


Hills, M 2009, ‘Case study: social networking and self-identity‘, in Creeber, G and Martin, R (eds.), Digital Cultures: Understanding New Media, Open University Press, Maidenhead, pp. 117-21

Scott, D. M. 2009. ‘The new rules of marketing and PR: how to use social media, blogs, news releases, online video, and viral marketing to reach buyers directly’ John Wiley & Sons inc, New Jersey pp. xxi-xxiii


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