A great communication campaign: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Last weekend I had a great opportunity, a few other students and I were allowed to sit in and experience the judging of the IABC Gold Quill Awards.

Every year, communications campaigns from all over the world are submitted to the IABC. These entries come from individuals to large organisations, and some are truly amazing.

I learnt so much about what is involved in communications campaigns and how to write great submissions.

Ever since, I have been noticing such projects that are going on around me and wondering how they would go in these awards.

One truly stood out today, it was a short film by
Dove, who centre many of their campaigns around building the self esteem of women. In this film, women describe themselves to an artist – behind a curtain – who draws them. The same women are then described by a stranger who they had briefly met that morning.

The results are phenomenal and it is clear to see that women see themselves much less beautiful than they are seen by others.

I think this is a great campaign because;

– It clearly demonstrated the key message; that women are more beautiful than they think.

– I was captivated; couldn’t take my eyes off all 6.36 minutes of video.

– It was emotional and relatable; the messages from emotional messages that hit home are better absorbed and remembered.

– It has “shareability”; it made me want to share it on social media so my friends could see this great clip too.

Most importantly, it made me see Dove in a great light. It gives the impression that the brand really cares about its consumers.

When I see great communication like this it makes me so excited! Guess it means I’m going into the right profession.


One thought on “A great communication campaign: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

  1. Wow. This is so interesting and really well produced as well. It has a simple message that, in it’s simplicity, probably doesn’t really surprise a lot of people but the genuine nature of the video gives it a percieved honesty that I really think would draw most people in. It is only my opinion, but I feel that you can tell a good advertisement by the fact that the product itself is not shown in the piece, except for the slogan at the end. I would be really interested to see more examples from the IABC nominations.

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