You should TOTALLY give us a GO!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

do you know what does my HEAD in???? When businesses take to FACEBOOK and there WEBSITE writing like year 9 girls!!!!

Excessive punctuation, random capitalisation and incorrect spelling and grammar distracts the reader from what otherwise might have been a good promotion or key message. While many small businesses do not have the resources to hire a professional, a rough job may be doing more harm than good. Social media and websites give brands a public face, and if this face is being seen as sloppy and unintelligible, trust in the product/ service will lower considerably.

I think organisations should seriously consider whether they have the skills to run this platform, because if they don’t, they could be seriously harming the image of their business.   

Is it just me being pedantic or do others feel the same?

If you needed a service (think hairdresser or electrician), but their social media and website featured incorrect spelling and grammar… would you still use them? 


3 thoughts on “You should TOTALLY give us a GO!!! woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

  1. I totally agree Mel and I don’t think it’s pedantic. I definitely think twice about an organisation if their online presence is marred by incorrect spelling or grammar. It makes me wonder if their services are going to be as sloppy and unprofessional as their advertising. Great post!

  2. The traditional forms of promotional material are edited before being published. Facebook on the other hand is something you can post on at any time without much thought and any spelling or grammar checks, this can result in unprofessional posting.
    Personally I would be deterred from using a business or individual if their publications including facebook were to feature incorrect spelling, incorrect grammar and unprofessional postings,. It would lead me to question other aspects of the business such as their services and products.

  3. Yep!! Yep!! Yep!! (and no, that is not excessive punctuation). I totally agree! I think that the demographic the business is targeting is an important factor but I can’t stand it when people don’t use correct spelling, grammar and puctuation. As I primary teacher, however, it does annoy me that some businesses that target a younger market use incorrect spelling and puctuation intentially because it has almost become cool to change correct spelling to incorrect with a similar phoneme (ie. cool/kool, school/skool). This means that they can also get away with using the one form of ‘there’ and ‘your’ and pass it off as slang when it’s actually just lazy. Personally, as a consumer, I am massively turned off by a business that uses incorrect spelling and puctuation!

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