Why all the Insta-craziness?

So all this instagram nonsense is still going.

The media has done a wonderful job in sensationalising the issue leaving the public “appalled” and “outraged” that they do not have complete rights and privacy over their photos.

It’s scary how little people realise the lack of control they have over things once they are in the virtual world. When these “changes” came out of instagram I was surprised they weren’t already in the T&Cs! Especially when using a free service, you can’t expect full copy right of your photos/ ideas and you need to appreciate the fact that you do not have much control over what becomes of them.

As for instagram, they have backed off these changes and explained the wording to calm the roar of the public. Ironically, they could have easily changed the terms and conditions in the first place, offered a pop up asking if we accept and (lets be honest) very few would actually read and even known about these changes. By putting a public statement on their blog, they were being open and honest and suffered because of that, which is a shame.

But luckily, they’ve re-worded their advertising intensions and have specified that it is not their intention to sell our photos. PHEW! It’s good to know photos of my dog with a color effect called “toaster” won’t be sold for millions and be put in galleries around the world.



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