She’s in PR, she’s got this

She’s in PR, she’s got this

There are so many people without the faintest clue what public relations is. When I say it’s what I’m studying, often people think it’s like doing an arts or science degree and you have to choose something specific to do with it. I continually find myself having this discussion;

Person: what do you study?
Me: public relations
Person: oh ok and what will you do with that degree?
Me: umm…. public relations

Or the other one that pops up;

Person: what do you study?
Me: public relations
Person: oh cool, politics.

I tested this theory (that no one really has a clue what it is) at the pub the other night. The ATM was not working so I went to the front of the line and said “let me have a shot – I’m in PR” naturally, they let me try and fix it (funnily enough it was as simple as following the prompts on screen). While I was doing this someone from the back of the line came up to see what was happening, the man beside me explained to him “don’t worry she’s in PR, she’s got this.”

What’s even worse than them not knowing, is that I can’t manage to properly explain what it is. I’ve tried to roughly use the definition PRIA go with:

“The deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organisation (or individual) and its (or their) publics.”

Funnily enough, the blank stare does not change.

So I usually end up giving a big list of examples of things we could do, and seeing as there’s so much, I feel the need to cover a lot of bases so they get the general idea.

As you can imagine, this is quite time consuming, so sometimes if I really can’t be bothered, I just say I’m going to be a teacher – really saves some time when I’m having small talk.

So if anyone has a relatively quick and simple response to “what is public relations”, I’d be truly thankful if you shared it!

And for all those in PR, I probably owe you an apology – if anyone ever thinks you’re job is to fix ATMs, sorry…. that’s most likely my fault!


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