The social media laws

The other night I upped my weights in a pump class and worked so hard I had trouble turning the steering wheel on the drive home! I wanted to make a status along these lines but had to stop myself because the social media law has now expanded, disallowing people mentioning “the gym” (unless you’re stating you’re not going.)

Don’t get me wrong, these social guidelines definitely do some good. I’m sure they’ve stopped many “duck faces” from ending up in my news feed… but I wish I could talk about the gym.

How come if I write a status saying I tried really hard on an essay and got a HD I get over 30 likes,but If I succeed in a different personal goal and actually go to the gym – It’s more likely people will roll their eyes and say “ohhh go on, tell the world you went to the gym.”

Just add it to the list. Watch out for; photos of your food, song lyrics, mentioning that it’s raining and using abbreviated language. These will all make you fall victim of some kind of “de-motivator” (similar to above).

As I say, some are genuinely annoying things to end up on your newsfeed, but I’m finding the list is getting so long I have to really monitor what I’m saying on there nowdays so my status is not ridiculed.

So I tried another approach. A political statement concerning gay marriage it was much less than a sucess. It ended up a long argument between random people about who said what and who “technically” runs the country.

It’s all getting too much… Maybe I’ll just be a passive facebook user for a while.


One thought on “The social media laws

  1. I’d say your political status was a success, it wasn’t main stream and that’s the goal right? Also on gym status compared to HDs, when you finish going to the gym with your sexy new body and post pictures, that’s the equivalent of a HD… when you go to the gym and are really skinny and your pathetic little six pack is poking through next to your ribs and other bones, you do not need to post about it.
    PS I like your blogs keep em up 🙂

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