The Human Brochure

Just had a look into some impressive PR.

Heard a very vague ad on the radio for  “500 humans” this morning so I checked it out. The Canberra tourism company is creating a “human brochure.” This entails sending 500 people to the capital to experience what it has to offer – and they in turn post all the fun they are having on social media devices. It is an impressive strategy as taking the word of our friends is such an effective (and sneaky) form of indirect advertising. I am more likely to go to a restaurant to eat if a friend tells me it’s good than if I see an ad for it in the paper – and this is working off the same principle.

500 people (obviously chosen for their social network and media skills/ usage) posting all over Facebook about the fun they’re having will go a very long way.

A very bold stunt, but one that in my opinion will be very effective! I’m planning to sign up to be chosen, but even if I don’t,  it will be an interesting one to follow. The ways new media are being used are so creative, I’d love to see how this one works out.


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