Blogs… work!

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about blogging, apparently it’s one of the new innovative new media tools that can be very successful socially and professionally. However I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to hear the incoherent nonsense that goes on in my head – or for that matter why I would of anyone else!

But I’ve started having a look at others blogs and it’s becoming addictive, reading others opinions and observations can actually be quite interesting and entertaining.

Further to my surprise is the fact that mine is being read, a lot! Most reads being from just posting a link on Facebook. I really didn’t think people would be interested but I’m getting about a hundred reads of each post.

So Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear your feedback (the comment and like buttons don’t work unless you have an account so you have to Facebook me).

I’m really enjoying it and plan to continue, hopefully you keep reading and I can keep coming up with things you might be interested in.



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