Is Facebook calling me fat?

ImageNew media is just getting smarter and smarter.

I have recently had some insight into some technology behind Facebook. Think your newsfeed, stories, ads and suggested friends and groups are random? Think again.

So much on Facebook is now tailored to the user. For instance, if you mention you like shopping, you are fed shopping channels. This continues to the point that if you’ve been “in a relationship” for long enough you start to be shown engagement rings ads in your page. Pretty amazing stuff.

In a recent interview with an organiser of Stereosonic (one of the biggest Australian music festivals) I was enlightened to the fact that if people mention music or one of the “Stereo” artists in their status or comments they are likely to be shown ads for this festival. He even pays Facebook to ensure all his posts are clearly on the newsfeeds of all following.
I find this technology incredible, these emerging communication platforms are really changing the game out there. Communication to external publics is becoming so direct and relevant.

That being said – in my mind I’m still putting it down to chance that so many of my “personal” ads are health foods and personal training…


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