Genesis … tut tut

Well I didn’t think anyone would be game enough to try it after the Brumbys disaster, but the Berwick Genesis Fitness Club has just become the first to be charged over making a false claim over the carbon tax. The club sent out letters to it’s members offering a “freeze rate” to avoid price rises in memberships in the future. Over 200 members signed up and extended their contracts.

Brumbys has one over them however. Following their controversy there was a statement on their webpage outlining what happened from their perspective (one rogue employee?) with their apologies. Admittedly I had to look around to find it, but it was there.

I myself am I Genesis member so it’s fair to say I am less than pleased… so I went looking for answers, how have they set the record straight?

I have searched the webpage of Genesis and the specific page of the Berwick club. I do not see any apologies or explanations – just pictures of happy and pretty people working out. Strange. So I go to their Facebook page. The latest post:
“Crazy Winter Special for one day only!!!
On Tuesday 7th of August all 1 hour massages will only be $40!
Get in Quick to reserve your spot.”

No apparent effort has been made to approach this controversy, even with comments such as this all over the wall:
“Are u guys serious?! This is how you treat loyal customers you money hungry pigs!! Being disloyal and ripping off the innocent to make ur pockets bigger, this is a disgrace to Australia. It’s not like ur fricken poor!! Unbelievable…”

I know these situations are hard to deal with. But it’s been over 24 hours and still no talk. Most people, like me, will have a glance through the page for answers, find nothing, and not return. In today’s day and age, saying nothing rarely pays off. Genesis need some kind of response and quick, or they will find themselves in a very bad situation….

At least they’ve locked in their members with long term contracts now?


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